Apprehend Details

As much as many people are true and genuine, there are also mischievous and cunning people. Some people want to create shortcuts in life or find an easy way out instead of earning an honest living. Such people who try to find ways to earn some fast cash often use unethical means to generate their wealth. Such unethical means include robbery, burglary, and sometimes also business-related crimes such as embezzlement.

When one commits such crimes, it is up to the authorities in charge of the particular jurisdiction to trace the criminals, arrest them, and charge them in a court of law. The authorities take charge of such situations so that civilians can’t take the law into their own hands and punish the convicts on their own accord. In doing so, we can maintain security in society and keep a stable system of justice.

To apprehend also means to try and perceive something that someone might have just reported to you. This means that you gather all the details of the information received and put them in the context at hand to interpret them accordingly, showing that your mind has processed the given facts and made you understand whatever it is you are supposed to. In this section, we can conclude that apprehend means to capture a convict or to understand something.

Example of Apprehend

Hypothetically speaking, you are an employee at a food processing plant that produces many food products and supplies many retail and wholesale stores. However, the company only operates eight hours a day from Monday to Saturday and shuts down at six in the evening. This means that no activities run overnight due to the limited personnel that your processing plant has. The company premises has a huge warehouse where you store all the ingredients’ raw materials.

When you arrive at work one Monday morning, you find out that a robbery took place, and the robbers managed to get away with a significant amount of valuable raw materials. The first thing your manager does is report the incident to the local authorities to know what to do next. On arrival, the police find out that the robbers disabled the alarm system to prevent the neighboring premises from being alerted before sneaking through the unguarded rear premises.

To much relief, there are hidden security cameras at that side of the premises that managed to capture the face of one of the robbers, revealing him to be a well-known local in the area. The police track him down and arrest him. He is taken into custody and interrogated to identify all the culprits involved in the robbery. This is an example of someone apprehending someone else.

Significance of Apprehend

When someone is apprehended, they are either a culprit involved in a crime or a suspect of the crime. This is a part of the authorities’ process to find justice for a committed unethical act. However, sometimes someone might be arrested due to false accusations. It is up to the authorities to find out whether the suspect is guilty of the crime or not.

When there is not enough evidence to prove that the suspect was involved in the crime, the authorities have to let them go. Witnesses also play a big role in the apprehension of convicts or suspects. Apprehension helps in the service of justice when one has committed a crime. If the apprehended are found guilty in the court of law, the judge and jury charge them with a prison sentence equivalent to their crimes.