How Self-service Works

Every week, you interact with at least one business or service provider. Just like you, every other customer wants to get the service they need promptly and have any possible issues resolved swiftly. However, it is almost impossible for a business owner to attend to you and a hundred other customers at once. Even with many staff, sometimes, serving customers can be overwhelming for business, and the long wait can be annoying for you.

This is why self-service is a thing in today’s world. Businesses have now discovered that putting the power in your hands to get what you want, when and how you want, is a good thing. With self-service, you no longer need to wait in line when you can walk to the counter and make card payments without supervision. If you own a business, you can resolve customer complaints even when you’re on holiday by providing some automated self-service options that your customers can use when they call your business or visit your website.

Self-service works to help you save time and satisfy your customers without doing too much. There are many ways that you can introduce self-service to your business. However, one of the best channels for enabling self-service is technology. Many companies now leverage the internet to provide you with real-time insight, seamlessness, and control.

Example of Self-service

You have enjoyed self-service at one point or another without realizing it. Just like a buffet where you can serve yourself and eat to your heart’s content, self-service lets you do what needs is necessary to give you a great customer experience. An example of self-service is using the vending machine. You just put in some cash and get your coke or a protein bar from the vending machine.

One of the industries that have successfully incorporated self-service is banking. A few years ago, customers flooded banking halls when they had to withdraw money, send money, or make cash deposits. Now, you can walk to an ATM and do so many things from anywhere. If you feel like finding an ATM will be stressful, you can use your banking app or do your business on your bank’s website. With online banking, you can enjoy the convenience, save time and pay for several goods and services without physical cash.

Another excellent example of self-service is allowing your customers to order pastries from your bakery via your website. Imagine your bakery and creamery’s self-service option will enable customers to pick up a cone and scoop their money’s worth of ice-cream. Most customers will prefer this option rather than wait for service. You can turn things up a notch by allowing customers to create their perfect burger by selecting all the vegetables and eating filling options from your website or app.