Snail Mail Details

When you send letters and other information via postal services, the information and the act of using the postal services are both called snail mail. The name comes from the slow speed of snails, considering that conventional mails are very slow when compared to email. The duration between the time the mail is sent and the time the mail is received is very long. Other names that are used to refer to snail mail are paper mail, postal mail, or land mail.

The mailing system is very old and was developed when people started looking for ways to communicate with others who were far away. With the emergence of writing, it meant that people could write messages and have them delivered to the person they want to communicate with. Evidence shows that the Egyptians were the first to have an organized courier for mails. The Pharaohs used them at the time to deliver decrees to their subjects. The Egyptians were not the only ones who use mails in ancient times. Other empires such as the Persian Empire, India, Rome, and China each developed a mailing system, although such systems were not exclusively for sending messages.

Modern mail systems were usually established by governments. For example, the Japanese modern mail which was developed in the mid-19th century was successful and grew to offer postal savings and life insurance as well. However, reformations in the mail system have allowed private entities to also offer mail services as long as they obey international regulations. It is also the reformations of the mail system that now allow senders to pre-pay for mail by buying stamps as against the former tradition whereby it was the receiver that paid for the mail.

Snail Mail Example

Snail mails can be used to send letters, documents, and other packages. Let us look at a typical business letter that will be sent via snail mail.

Head of Sales,

Total Minerals Ltd,

Plot 25, Area 2, London.

+44 7925 6754356

4th March 2021

Head of Procurement,

Pinksea Jewelleries,

2A Cresent, Edinburgh,

Dear Sir,


I am James Milner, head of sales at Pinksea Jewelleries. I regret to inform you that the earlier stipulated time for delivery of your order ( Order No: TR908736254 ) is no longer possible and the delivery will be delayed for an additional two weeks. I am, however, confident that your order will be delivered before 18th March. I sincerely regret any inconveniences this might have caused.

This delay is caused by a vandalization of one of our key assets. And while our team is working earnestly to restore the damaged machinery, the local authorities have also restricted the movement of goods due to COVID 19. We are currently in talks with the local authorities to find an amicable solution. Our team will continue to work tirelessly to find a way to continue serving our customers. We are confident that an agreement will be reached and your order will be delivered within two weeks.

We appreciate that you have chosen to do business with us, and we thank you for your patience while we sort out things out.

Yours Faithfully,

James Milner.

Significance of Snail Mail

The name snail mail was used to compare traditional mail with modern email. The significance of using snail mail include:

  • Security from cyber interference: As you must have been aware, all Internet activity is susceptible to cyber interception. People who are paranoid of cyber information theft may prefer to use snail mail, which cannot be hacked or eavesdropped on.
  • Sending Packages: Sending packages is not yet possible via email. So if you want to send a package such as a nice perfume or pair of shoes to your loved one, you will have to use snail mail.
  • Romantic and caring messages: Has there been a time when you sent someone a handwritten note or received one yourself? Snail mail is also used to send messages that are intended to be romantic. Handwritten messages and cards portray a sense of romance and care. People who intend to show these will send a snail mail even though it is slow.