The Advertising Club of New York Details

The Advertising Club of New York defines itself as a leading trade for-profit organization, which offers access to training across various crafts and intends to educate a diverse community. The Club regularly offers, organizes, and actively participates in events with notable speakers and empowers professionals. For this reason, The Club holds the International ANDY Awards to encourage creativity.

The Advertising Club of New York offers a program that includes registrations to industry conferences such as ADCOLOR and Fast Company Innovation Festival, workshops, one-on-one coaching, strength-determining assessments, networking events, and access to the industry leaders. This program nourishes career growth and the individual potential of executives. Fellows from New York University, NBC Universal, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, and Omnicom have joined The Advertising Club of New York in 2020 alone.

Members of the Advertising Club of New York take pride in serving talent on all levels. The Club places junior and senior college students in internships in advertising agencies, marketing, and publishing companies across New York. In addition, there are mentors assigned to each student, and there are discussion meetings held every week at the Club.

Real World Example of the Advertising Club of New York

The ANDY awards foundation reaches out to students and professionals with several programs:

  • Fellowship: In 2016, the Advertising Club of New York set up the i’mPART Women’s Master Class Conference, which is an annual $100,000 fellowship program designed to raise mid-level management diverse women to the C-suite level (the executive management level). In its first year alone, over a hundred women applied to get access to new training opportunities.
  • Ad Futures: a pitch competition constructed for high school students.
  • Internships: the ANDY awards foundation reaches out to diverse schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to connect students and recruiters.
  • Scholarships: the ANDY awards foundation donates $10,000 to a student or a team of students to encourage them to continue their advertising studies. In addition, the foundation awards an Advertising Person of the Year scholarship to a high school student who is on their path to a career in advertising.
  • Creative Mentorship

Aside from student work, the ANDY Awards Foundation accepts projects from individuals, agencies, production, public relations, publishing companies, and others.

History of the Advertising Club of New York

In 1896, eight entrepreneurs who met to discuss advertising founded the Sphinx Club. This Club was the predecessor of the Advertising Club of New York. In 1906, the Club started hosting regular meetings at New York University, which were the first advertising lectures at a university ever.

In 1927, the Club began welcoming guest speakers, including President Truman, The Prince of Wales, and Mayor LaGuardia. Between 1927 and 1964, the Club launched a series of courses in advertising and marketing. The courses trained over 50,000 professionals. In 1964, The Advertising club founded the ANDY awards.