Terrell Suggs

Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, was ordered to surrender several guns because of an ongoing domestic case involving his girlfriend, Candace Williams. Suggs surrendered the guns in November, and the Ravens are said to be aware of the situation.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Suggs had to surrender “several” guns, due to a domestic case that was filed by Williams in November. Williams' is Suggs' long-time girlfriend and the mother of his two children.

Suggs' attorney, Warren Alperstein, said his client owned the guns legally. In regards to Suggs having to surrender his guns, Alperstein said, “The guns were surrendered over to police pursuant to the court order, and they [Suggs and Williams] are resolving their issues,” reports the Baltimore Sun.

In the temporary protective order, filed by Williams, she alleges that, in September, Suggs had punched her in the neck and dragged her alongside the car he was driving. Suggs and Williams' two children were reportedly in the car at the time of the incident. Suggs had to surrender seven guns, including an AK-47, but will not face criminal charges, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Suggs previously filed a custody complaint on Nov. 19, two days before two 911 calls were made from his home, reports the Baltimore Sun. Suggs' custody complaint seeks custody of their children, stating that Williams is verbally abusive and disciplines the children using corporal punishment.

A court hearing is scheduled for next week, and Alperstein believes that Suggs and Williams will resolve their case at that time.

In December 2009, Williams filed a protective order against Suggs claiming a history of abuse. In the claim, Williams alleged that Suggs poured bleach on her and their son, hit her and broke her nose. Suggs was not charged with any crimes stemming from the incident. The couple reconciled shortly after the incident and Williams dropped the protective order as well as a $70 million lawsuit against Suggs, notes the Baltimore Sun.

Suggs made an unexpected return to the field on Oct. 21 against the Houston Texans. Suggs had torn his Achilles tendon in the NFL offseason and many expected Suggs to miss the entire 2012 season. Instead, Suggs missed just six games. Suggs recently suffered a setback with a torn right biceps but will not miss any upcoming games.