• Chris Paul has a ton of positive things to say during the Phoenix Suns' media day
  • He believes that an underdog mentality will play a major role in their season
  • Paul also reveals that he had surgery during the relatively short offseason

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul has his attention placed squarely on this season as his squad looks to recreate their magical run last season.

The all-time great took time to answer some questions during the Suns’ media day, and his answers show how strong his character truly is.

NBA Finals Expectations Far From Their Minds

Paul told the media that the Suns are not focused on building upon their success from last season, opting instead to tear down the foundations and looking to build things again from the ground up.

“Man, I think our expectations are to come in and start the process over again. We got to work, day one. It’s not like you come into this season and be like, ‘Alright, playoffs is set.' We’re going to start where we were last year," said Paul.

“There’s a lot of things we can get better at and we want to get better at. And that’s the whole fun part of the season.”

The Suns brought back Paul and other key free agents as they gear up for another hectic season where everyone in the Western Conference will be gunning for them.

No Time To Look Back On Last Season

Paul was asked about how often he revisited their NBA Finals performance against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.

“Not too often, to tell you the truth. Like I said, it’s kind of a blur. I was in one of the things, and they were showing me some clips. You remember a lot of it or whatnot, but at this point, it’s about focusing on this year,” said the 11-time All-Star.

“I think we sort of passed that and realized, in order to get an opportunity again, we got to start from scratch.”

After experiencing multiple setbacks throughout his career, Paul was finally able to make it to the NBA Finals, but the Suns were too banged up to hang with the Bucks, falling in six games.

Paul also revealed that he had surgery during the offseason.

Suns Need To Keep 'Underdog Mentality'

“I think we got to keep it, we got to keep that same energy going into this year.  But knowing that it’s going to be teams that’s coming for us or that want us, but we got to beat them more than they want to beat us,” said Paul.

Other than Suns fans and the team themselves, no one believed that they would be able to hang with the perennially deadly bloodbath in the Western Conference--but they did.

Beating the likes of LeBron James, Paul George and Nikola Jokic across 16 total games to reach the NBA Finals, it was a Cinderella run for the ages.

However, the Suns will surely be more determined to continue their winning ways and make another bid for the NBA title this season.

Winning basketball has not been played in Phoenix for an entire decade, and last year’s success will be the baseline for this season.

The rejuvenated fanbase has so much more to look forward to going into the new season and the “Point God” will lead the way, alongside the young core of Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges and Deandre Ayton.

Watch the full interview below.