DNA and evidence findings in the murder of Yale student Annie Le are most likely proving lab technician Raymond Clark III is guilty.

Still investigators are further working on what was the motive of the killing which police has called a workplace violence case.

The following are DNA findings and evidence gathered by investigators that link to Clark, according to a report from the New York Daily News Friday:

-Annie Le's blood is on Clark's boots.

-The boots have his name on them.

-Clark's DNA is on Le's body and clothing.

-Le's DNA and hair is on Clark and his clothing.

-A green pen which Clark used regularly to sign in for work was found in a crevice on the scene.

-Clark had a backpack with wire, fishing hooks and bubble gum the day after the killing. He apparently tried to recover the pen.

-Clark's card was swiped from room to room the day of the murder. Investigators believe he was searching where to hide the body.

-Clark denied seeing Annie Le the day of the killing when police questioned him.

-The lie detector went off line when he was asked Do you know where she is now? and then he asked for a lawyer.