Tim Tebow ABC 2014
Tim Tebow spread some holiday cheer and helped families in need by paying off their Walmart layaway plans. Reuters

Former NFL quarterback turned television personality Tim Tebow got into the holiday spirit by helping Walmart shoppers pay off their layaway plans Tuesday.

In a segment for ABC’s Good Morning America dubbed “Layaway Live,” Tebow showed up at an Orlando area Walmart and surprised customers with the offer to help them buy Christmas gifts for their families and friends.

Besides spreading holiday cheer, Tebow is providing a huge relief to families. Spending around the holidays can reach exorbitant amounts for families around the country, and according to a study by the American Research Group shoppers planned to spend $861 on gifts this year, up three percent from a year ago.

“You don’t understand how hard I’ve been working,” shopper Damara Jarrett said to Tebow. “And then I said I was going to take stuff off because I can’t afford everything, and then this. Just thank you. I just want to cry.”

The former New York Jet and Denver Bronco was even shown helping shoppers carry their Christmas hauls to their cars.

Tebow ended the segment by saying,” Guys, there is nothing better than making someone smile at Christmas time. This was awesome.”

Already an analyst with ESPN and the SEC Network, Tebow joined GMA as a contributor in September.