Facing his own death, a Japanese businessman threw a huge death party to celebrate his life.

Satoru Anzaki, 80, the former head of machinery powerhouse Komatsu was diagnosed with terminal gall bladder cancer in October. Monday night the businessman had a party with around 1,000 friends, family members, business partners and former employees. 

“I am satisfied that I could say 'thank you' to people I met in life,” he said in a press conference after the party. “As I want to maximize the quality of life during the time I have left, I have decided not to receive treatment given the side effects.”

Anzaki announced the party in a newspaper advertisement in the Nikkei on Nov. 20, and the plan went viral. People wished Anzaki well and appreciated his positive outlook on dying.

“I have enjoyed my life very much. I thought that being despondent is not in my nature,” said Anzaki. “I am happy to be able to convey my gratitude in my own words… I want to make the most of the rest of my time and be put in a coffin having thought ‘my life was fun’.”

For the party, Anzaki rented out a venue at a Tokyo hotel and decorated it with memories of his life. He also had dancers perform a dance from his prefecture of Tokushima, according to the BBC.

“It was just like Anzaki to host an event like this. He values human relationships more than anything else,” said one attendee, according to the Telegraph.

A former employee who spoke to Japanese public broadcaster NHK said the party got him thinking about his own death.

“It was a very fun event,” the partygoer said. “I am also suffering from an illness so it got me thinking how I want to live the rest of my life.”