Round cut diamonds, normally also called the brilliant-cut diamonds, are admired and loved for their classic shape and massive sparkle. They may be small, but they give off elegance and glow like no other. 

Typically cut with 58 facets, sometimes 57, if there is no culet, this round diamond was made to be as sparkly as possible. And because people usually covet diamonds for their sparkle, particularly women who treat diamonds as their shiny best friends, round cut diamonds are the most popular of them all. 

Because round cut diamonds are the most sparkly, and the shape is the classiest one, they are also easily the most expensive.

One tip that you can follow when you want to save a little is to be conservative about the carats you prefer. If you want a 1 carat round cut diamond because of the sparkle it will certainly give you, try scaling down to .90 to .95 carat diamond instead because they can still certainly sparkle a lot. They will still look as if they are of 1 carat, but cost less. 

This Christmas, if you want to give your mom, wife, or girlfriend a diamond ring to add to their collection or to signify your love, check out the list below. They come from the most reputable vendors.

Are you looking for the best engagement ring to flatter your partner’s finger? The best Christmas gift for your dearest mom or sister? Choose round cut diamond rings as they can flatter all types of fingers, just make sure to get the size down pat. Do not worry, the top 10 round cut diamond rings listed below can be resized to fit.

1. Vintage Tulip Diamond Band Engagement Ring, Ritani, $1310 

Vintage Tulip Diamond Band Engagement Ring Vintage Tulip Diamond Band Engagement Ring Photo: From Ritani

Starting this list off is this vintage round cut diamond ring, especially designed to be an engagement ring, but certainly can be gifted for other purposes.  

Even with only a total weight of 0.08 carats, the sparkle cannot be denied. Set on 18 kt white gold, this shows classiness and steadiness - a sign of your love for the person. 

2. Marquise and Round Diamond Engagement Ring, Ritani, $1400

Marquise and Round Diamond Engagement Ring Marquise and Round Diamond Engagement Ring Photo: From Ritani

This is another gorgeous round cut diamond engagement ring from Ritani. Only 0.3 CTW, the round center stone still sparkle like there's no tomorrow and yet, will not run the risk of being too showy. If your partner is someone who would rather sport a dainty-looking ring on her finger with decent sparkle, then this is the one for her. She'll sport this with pride until you replace it with the highly-coveted wedding ring.  

3. Aidan, Large Round Diamond Engagement Ring, Victor Barbone, $18.450

Aidan Large Round Diamond Engagement Ring Aidan Large Round Diamond Engagement Ring Photo: From Victor Barbone

If you want to splurge, or go for the relatively pricier size, this offering from Victor Barbone is simply breathtaking. The price is a huge leap from the first two, but the round shape diamond here is huge. Aidan is an Art Deco era offering. The diamond weighs 2.58 carat of M color and gives off VS2 clarity.

Bezel-set in a platinum setting, the sparkle of the diamond is further accentuated with 6 old European cut diamonds set on each side or shoulder of the ring. And the sparkle does not stop here. There are another 12 small diamonds surrounding the round cut diamond, forming a hidden halo. This one is certainly not for the woman who wants to dull her shine. 

4. Circa Diamond Ring with Sapphire Accents (1/3 ct. tw.), Brilliant Earth, $2,090

Circa Diamond Ring with Sapphire Accents Circa Diamond Ring with Sapphire Accents Photo: From Brilliant Earth

If the gift recipient or your partner is someone extraordinary - cannot follow rules, WILL NOT follow rules,  then this round cut diamond ring from Brilliant Earth is just for her. Unique looking and yet does not scrimp on the sparkle, the carats of the diamond here weigh 1/3 ct. What makes this ring stands out is the glamorous halo setting featuring a row of blue sapphires.

The sapphires are vibrant blue and constrast nicely with the sparkle of the main round cut diamond. More diamonds placed on the gallery as well as on the split-shank band provides shimmer like no other. 

5. Linnia Halo Diamond Ring (2/3 ct. tw.), Brilliant Earth, $2,790

Linnia Halo Diamond Ring (2/3 ct. tw.) Linnia Halo Diamond Ring (2/3 ct. tw.) Photo: From Brilliant Earth

If you find single bands too simple, go for double band engagement rings. A beautiful round cut diamond ring offered by Brilliant Earth, the Linnia offers two delicate bands that look luminous with scalloped pavé-set diamond accents.

The double bands can certainly be taken as a symbol to a highly-aligned and harmonious partnership, making this ring perfect for your proposal or gift of love. The dazzling halo is made even more dazzling with a hidden halo around the gallery. Elegance, check! Sparkle, check! Romantic? Double check! 

6. Open Band Diamond Engagement Ring, Ritani, $2,980 

Open Band Diamond Engagement Ring Open Band Diamond Engagement Ring Photo: From Ritani

Another double-band round cut diamond ring, but with a twist! If you like the idea of a double band, this Ritani ring is another nice option.

Set in 14k white gold, the 0.81 CTW round cut diamond is held by a gleaming bead of metal meticulously put in by the jeweler. 

7. Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring, Ritani, $1135

Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring Photo: From Ritani

If your partner is a no-frills person, this round cut diamond ring by Ritani is absolutely perfect. The diamond is held by a solid-looking 14k White gold plate but no longer with small diamonds added in.

The focus is on the 0.10 CTW Round center stone. It's simple but beautful nonetheless, and would signify how much you respect her tastes as opposed to getting the one that sparkles like there's no tomorrow!

8. Three-Stone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, Ritani, $3590

Three-Stone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Three-Stone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Photo: From Ritani

On the other hand, if you are going to give this to just someone who is the opposite of #7, and JUST LOVE THE FRILLS, then this can be a great option.

It sparkles from all angles because not only is the 0.75 round cut diamond in this ring is brilliant, the small and French-set diamonds creating a halo around it are as sparkly too! Of course, all those extra glitters are going to cost you, but it's going to be worth it to see your partner's face light up too. 

9. Promise Rose Gold Solitare Ring, De Beers,  $13,200


Silver not your partner's thing? How about rose gold? There are two great options from De Beers that you can check out. I'll give the other one on #10. 

This particular round cut diamond ring is part of the company and therefore says a lot of what it means when you give it to your partner. It features an interlocking thread pave and 18K rose gold color, which is really nice. The two interweaving bands certainly signifies your romantic journey.  

Given how the sparkly 1 CTW diamond is set against the romantic and feminue hue of 18K rose gold band, the additional surrounding pavé round brilliant diamonds certainly up the ante with this one. 

10. Infinity Rose Gold Solitaire Ring, De Beers, $8050


Another offering from De Beers to cap off this list is a ring of rose gold hue again. If #9 looks too plain for you, then this might be the trick. The ring features the unending symbol of infinity lined with pave diamonds.

If you think your partner is a piece of sparkly diamond, then this ring sends off a cool message. The round cut diamond is set against a white diamond pave set in an 18k rose gold band, as if showing just how precious you think your partner is.