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Much like the end of many love-affairs, former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has broken Anfield hearts by saying he never loved Liverpool and that his only true love is Atletico Madrid.

Torres hit at back at the traitor jibes that have followed him since his £50m deadline day move to Chelsea on Monday by stating that he was, at the end of the day, a professional footballer harboring his own ambitions. He also stated that never kissed the badge while at Liverpool.

He said, I think 'traitor' makes no sense. I played three very good seasons there, left massive money there, lots of goals, good performances. I'm very happy with everything I did there. Maybe it's too soon to ask for a good reception. I'm not expecting that. But it would be a surprise for me if I get a very bad reception.''

I never kissed the Liverpool badge. Never. No. Kissed the badge? No. I never did. I never did when I was at Atletico Madrid, and I love Atletico, my former club. I see some players doing that when they join a club but the romance in football has gone. It's a different thing now. People are coming and leaving. When you are joining a club you want to do the best for yourself and that club and that's all.

Some people like to kiss the badge. They can do it. I only want to score goals and do my job and achieve all the targets the team has. When I was born in Madrid I was not a Liverpool fan or a Chelsea fan. I was only an Atletico Madrid fan. I still am. Maybe it's the only badge I will kiss if I have to kiss one.''

Torres, who will coincidentally make his debut against Liverpool on Sunday, is unsure about the welcome he will receive from the away supporters at Stamford Bridge, but has no worries regarding his on-field welcome, citing his former captain Steven Gerrard, who himself had twice entertained thoughts of a move to Chelsea, as one of the first to wish him the best at Chelsea.

Torres continued, He (Gerrard) was one of the first ones who called me and said if I left, if I stayed, he would help me and support me. Maybe because he was in that situation first. He's been a very good friend and team-mate from the first to the last day. He only wanted the best for me and said he'd agree with whatever decision I made.''