• Harry Kane may need to re-evaluate if his outlook is similar to Tottenham
  • Kane injuries hampering his performance
  • Tottenham may take in Troy Deeney to help out Kane

Harry Kane seems pretty set over at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. but anything can happen moving forward. It is no secret that several clubs covet the 27-year-old striker, most aware of what Kane brings should he cash in.

For now, there is no clear indication of that happening. However, there is the possibility the English football player could change his mind. Former Hotspur Jermaine Jenas thinks that Kane could follow the footsteps of some players who opted to move out and chase titles. A name worth noting is Gareth Bale.

A move out of Tottenham is not entirely remote. Kane has no shortage of big-money offers and the right one and opportunity to win titles could convince him to head in a different direction. Jenas sees some similarities in the situations of Bale and Kane. But looking at the latter's career, he singles out another player in Alan Shearer.

Like Kane, Shearer is considered one of the best strikers of the game but made that move to join his boyhood team, Newcastle United. He made a name for himself with the Magpies, a run that the retired striker has not regretted. Jenas believes Kane may want to consider being a bit selfish, if not now but moving forward.

At the end of the day, Jenas is trying to stress that Kane may want to consider the landscape he has with Tottenham. In his eyes, the Spurs and Kane are not one when it comes to the direction they have in mind. Kane wants to win titles and play for a team that treats him well. If this is not addressed, there is a chance that some kind of fallout may eventually happen.

For Kane, one thing he needs to address is his durability. He has had his share of injuries this season, something that he hurt Tottenham. Looking ahead, the Spurs may need to take in some players to make sure they don't end up shorthanded. One name that has recently been linked to Tottenham is Troy Deeney.

Harry Kane could play a key role for Tottenham in the Premier League run-in Harry Kane could play a key role for Tottenham in the Premier League run-in Photo: AFP / Adrian DENNIS

With a big void in the middle, Tottenham is believed to be in discussions with Watford for a possible loan involving Deeney. Jose Mourinho is said to be interested in the 32-year-old player, someone who could be of use assuming Kane is unavailable.