• Tottenham has become unlikely title contenders this season after losing five of its last six English Premier League matches
  • Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son are said to be open to leaving the club
  • Spurs boss Jose Mourinho has downplayed all rumors about Kane and Son's situation

As pressure mounts, Tottenham could lose not only Jose Mourinho but Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son as well.

Things haven’t gone smoothly for Tottenham this season. Mourinho’s side managed to seal victories in the FA Cup and Europa League but has lost five of their last six English Premier League matches, making the team unlikely title contenders.

With that in mind, rumors swirl around England that Spurs’ dynamic duo Kane and Son have grown tired of not winning major titles.

Hence, the pair is “considering” leaving Tottenham in the summer, English outlet The Boy Hotspur reported, citing unnamed sources.

International Business Times could not independently verify this information.

According to the report, some sources close to Tottenham revealed that the “truth” is Kane and Son have come to realize that time is not on their side and are desperate to win even if it would mean parting ways with the club.

“A source who is close to the club tells me that Kane who is 28 in July, and Sonny who is 29 in the same month, are both more than considering their respective positions. No silverware in professional sport simply isn’t acceptable to professional sportspeople,” the article wrote. “Anyone who believes that the pair [Kane and Son] are hanging about for much longer unrewarded is living in an absolute dreamland.”

Indeed, big-name clubs would surely want to have a Kane and Son on their squad. However, only the representatives of Tottenham’s attacking dynamo have vital information about some possible landing spots.

“My source’s understanding is that a disparate group of players is desperately trying and occasionally failing to keep the show going until time is finally called. Where might either player go? Ask their representatives,” the outlet concluded.

Deadly duo: Harry Kane (left) and Son Heung-min have been ruthless for Tottenham this season Deadly duo: Harry Kane (left) and Son Heung-min have been ruthless for Tottenham this season Photo: POOL / NEIL HALL

Spurs boss Mourinho, who has been under fire recently over Tottenham’s poor performances, has kept downplaying rumors that Son might not extend his contract.

“[Heung-Min] Son is not a problem,” Mourinho said of Son’s situation earlier this month. “He has a contract still for a couple of years if I am not wrong, maybe even three. I believe, just to wait for the right moment to do it.

“I believe that when the sun shines again for the world, I believe the club and Sonny they are going to arrive quite easily to a conclusion,” he added.

As for Kane, who has long been rumored to have been thirsty for the silverware, the renowned manager insists that his talisman only needs one win to get his rhythm back.

"To win a trophy, [Kane] just needs to win one game," the manager recently told reporters. "But to win a trophy, we just need to win a match. You have to ask Harry, but I think 'to wait' is not the right way to describe it. Is to fight for it."

"But it's something very personal that I think he [Kane] is the right guy to have a conversation with you about it," he ended.