• Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy discussed the club's stance on transfers this summer
  •  Levy refused to detail any specific transfer talks, particularly Harry Kane's
  • Kane was hoping to address his situation with the Spurs chief

Despite affirming that Tottenham will be exploring transfer deals this summer, Spurs chief Daniel Levy has yet to confirm if Harry Kane is included in the club’s transfer plans this summer.

Things did not go down so well for Tottenham this past season, and the club is currently trying to address several issues, including Kane’s transfer saga. According to Spurs president Levy, the only concrete thing about Kane at the moment is the striker’s “frustrations.”

“I am never going to talk about any specific player in public,” Levy recently told Tottenham’s official website. “All I will say is his frustrations in not winning are shared by me and all the fans and players. We all want to win.”

“One of the items that Fabio [Paratici] will have to deal with when he comes in is which players are going to be retained, which will be asked to look for other clubs,” he continued. “There is a market out there. What we want and what other clubs want is not always possible to achieve. We will do whatever is right for the club.”

Levy also stressed that Tottenham is still dealing with the devastating financial blow caused by the pandemic. However, the club will still do its best to carefully “make investments” this transfer window.

“We have to be realistic where we are,” the chairman pointed out. “We are still in a pandemic, the consequences for this club have been more severe than any other club in the Premier League, over £200 million ($282 million) of lost revenue. Revenue we cannot recover.”

“Our duty is to protect the club even though we want to win,” he added. “We will spend but we are a self-sustaining club, we have to be sensible. Sometimes the fans think we should be spending but there have been circumstances when the coach hasn’t wanted to spend on a player. We will make investments in the squad.”

Amid links to transfer rumors, Kane earlier admitted that he was hoping to have an “honest conversation” with Levy about his situation.

"I don't know, I mean he [Levy] might want to sell me," Kane said. "He might be thinking 'If I could get £100m for you, then why not?' Do you know what I mean? I'm not going to be worth that for the next 2 or 3 years."

"I hope we have a good enough relationship," he pointed out. "I've given the club…well, I've been there 16 years of my life. So, I hope that we can have a good honest conversation and see where we are at in that aspect."

Tottenham striker Harry Kane
Tottenham striker Harry Kane POOL / PAUL CHILDS