• West Ham United still wants Jesse Lingard
  • Manchester United's asking price may dissuade West Ham and other parties
  • Lingard has become expendable due to Jadon Sancho's arrival

By this point, West Ham United’s pursuit of Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard is no secret to anyone.

Thanks to his stellar loan spell at the club that saw them finish at sixth place in the English Premier League, Lingard is being targeted by West Ham to join the team permanently.

However, new reports suggest that the transfer is yet not feasible.

Manchester United’s asking price for Lingard is set at £30 million ($41.6 million), and it is widely believed that the asking price is just too much for a 28-year-old winger whose game fluctuates from time to time.

The Evening Standard’s Jack Rosser believes that West Ham manager David Moyes will not purchase Lingard for that amount.

But conflicting reports indicate that the real transfer fee could be lower than what is being reported.

“There’s been reports of Man United wanting 30 million, which I think by my understanding is significantly higher than what they’re asking for. But if that were to be the case, I don’t think Moyes would pay it. He’s got that sort of attitude that, you know, ‘it’s not his money and he wants to spend it carefully,'” said Rosser.

Injury concern - West Ham manager David Moyes Injury concern - West Ham manager David Moyes Photo: AFP / Ian KINGTON

A move for Lingard would do wonders for the club as they finished in the Top 10 of the Premier League for the first time in four years.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that signing Lingard would be a great addition for the team as his ability to break through the defense and find scoring opportunities from the wing make him a decent commodity to a club that’s bereft of options.

Aston Villa has also been linked to Lingard in the past, but new reports also suggest that if the price is too much for West Ham, then the same goes for Aston Villa as well.

Lingard is currently earning £75,000 ($104,120) per week with Manchester United, and the arrival of Jadon Sancho makes him an expendable asset.

Manchester United is still looking to sign more talent in the remaining weeks of the transfer window, so do not be surprised if they decide to sell a player to gain more transfer capital.