• Arsenal won't rush discussing a new contract with Lacazette
  • Mikel Arteta is making the most out of Lacazette's good performance
  • Atletico Madrid could revisit their interest to recruit Lacazette

When the season started, the name of Alexandre Lacazette was embroiled in several deal scenarios involving Thomas Partey.

But as most know, Arsenal still managed to secure the Ghanian, with Mikel Arteta refusing to give up the French football player.

Based on the recent performance of the 29-year-old player, Arteta was justified in sticking with Lacazette. The Frenchman is Arsenal’s top scorer this season with nine goals, including scoring twice last Saturday against West Brom.

Lacazette has 18 months remaining in his current deal with the Gunners, but it appears Arsenal is not worried about potentially losing him.

Arteta revealed that both sides have not discussed a new contract and such will only take place in the summer, Goal reported.

“I am delighted with the way he has performed because he is scoring, has the form and energy at the moment so he needs to keep doing that,” the Gunners manager stated. “We will talk in the summer and make a decision then.”

Lacazette has been performing well in the past four games. He has scored five goals in total, helping the Gunners register three-successive wins in the English Premier League.

Aware that the Frenchman is on a roll, Arteta is making the most out of it by giving him the minutes on the field.

“His work rate is always there, he’s always fighting for the team but he needed that luck for the ball to land to him in the right moments,” the head coach said. “I think he’s in a great moment, we have to take advantage of that and give him minutes because it seems like he’s enjoying it.”

Saving contract talks for the summer could be risky with several teams possibly entering the fray. IAtletico Madrid was once interested in taking in Lacazette for Partey. Much of this covered in a previous post.

For his part, Lacazette knows that he needs to do something if the Gunners are to return to form. Before they clashed with West Brom, he credited Arteta for his tactical change but admits that they still lack attacking players.

"He knows my qualities and knows that I like to play short and help my teammates with the development of play,” Lacazette shared. "This tactical change is also good for us..."

Alexandre Lacazette scored twice in Arsenal's 4-0 win at West Brom
Alexandre Lacazette scored twice in Arsenal's 4-0 win at West Brom POOL / Michael Regan