• Tottenham is eyeing to take in Patrick Bamford in preparation for Harry Kane's exit
  • Bamford may not be enough to cover Kane's imminent departure
  • Leeds United could strike a deal that would involve a player such as Gabriel Jesus

Tottenham Hotspur needs to leave its options open, especially if Harry Kane holds to his word of leaving the team.

They do have a couple of names on the list, and one of them is reportedly Patrick Bamford of Leeds United.

The 27-year-old striker has made a good account of himself this season, amassing 27 goals so far.

His last score came on Tuesday, a win that allowed the Peacocks to move up to the eighth spot in the English Premier League table.

Leeds racked up three wins thus far, and one of the clubs they took down was ironically Tottenham.

Bamford is among several names that Daniel Levy is reportedly considering to take the place of an exit-bound Kane.

With Jonathan Woodgate, a former player for both Leeds United and Tottenham, raving about the English striker, it is no surprise that the Spurs have ramped up interest to consider him.

“He will score goals, it will be a difficult test for our centre-backs, he’s got great movement in and around the box. Hopefully he doesn’t have one of those games where he goes on a run,” Woodgate said about Bamford back in 2019 via the Gazette.

Although Bamford is seen as a good pickup if Tottenham can get it done, most feel that the Spurs can do better.

Aware that Levy is expected to ask a hefty price from any team who wants Kane, Tottenham could ask for a player to be added in a deal involving Kane.

One name that comes to mind is Gabriel Jesus, who could be a potential makeweight with the Sky Blues.

Leeds forward Patrick Bamford (second right) celebrates after scoring against Leicester
Leeds forward Patrick Bamford (second right) celebrates after scoring against Leicester POOL / Tim Keeton

Unless Kane has a big change of heart, it seems Bamford is determined to move on and join a team where he can win championships.

But the big stumbling block there is the current pact he holds. He is under contract until 2024, and the financial requirement is seen as too much to meet.

Aside from Manchester City, other teams chasing the English striker include Chelsea and Manchester United.

“It is one of those [situations], it is bittersweet. I would rather be winning team trophies than this award. It is what it is. I am proud to win it. It means it has been a good season on the pitch, so I have just got to try and continue what I am doing,” Kane said in a previous report.