• Manchester United players call on management to target Jack Grealish
  • Red Devils coach may prefer Jadon Sancho over Grealish
  • Grealish could be a more expensive target compared to Sancho

Manchester United is anticipated by many to make a new drive to try and pluck Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund this summer transfer window.

But it appears some unnamed Red Devils want Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to target someone else.

According to reports, Solskjaer has been urged by key players from Manchester United to focus on playmaker Jack Grealish instead.

The reason behind this is most are reportedly awed by the performance of the Aston Villa star, someone who could be a huge asset for the Red Devils next season.

It remains to be seen if Solskjaer will heed the alleged request of his players to shift the focus on the 25-year-old midfielder.

For now, the name of Sancho remains at the top of the list even though it may cost the Red Devils a ton of money to get the deal done.

The Bundesliga outfit is expected to lower its asking price, but the numbers to that are still expected to be huge.

As mentioned in a previous post, Borussia Dortmund is expected to seek no less than $85 million for the English winger. Sancho is under contract with the club until 2023.

Also, it may depend on what Solskjaer deems best for the team. Manchester United is in search of a winger to hone up its attack, and Sancho seems like the ideal fit.

Grealish, talented as he may be, plays naturally on the left.

It may also be worth considering that Aston Villa is not keen on selling Grealish for now.

However, pundits feel that a good offer that may be in the vicinity of $106 million could do the trick.

Compared to the estimated asking price for Sancho, Grealish could be a more expensive player to get.

Jack Grealish of Aston Villa
Jack Grealish of Aston Villa during the Carabao Cup Semi Final match between Aston Villa and Leicester City Getty Images | Visionhaus

Finally, all talk about a potential move involving Grealish has been scoffed at by his manager Jonathan Barnett.

While he is aware that multiple clubs are interested in the English midfielder, the agent bared that Manchester United is not among those he has heard of.

“The truth is we don’t know [what will happen]. There are many clubs and I wouldn’t put Manchester United at the top of that [list],” Barnett stated. “But he could stay as well. So it’s a conversation the club, Aston Villa, will have with Jack and ourselves, then we’ll see where we go.”