• Manchester City is reportedly making a move for Sergio Busquets next summer
  • The Sky Blues are better off focusing on Dusan Vlahovic than Busquets
  • Busquets is more of a short-term solution to replace Fernandinho

Manchester City has positions to fill, and one of them could be the midfield slot.

Although the Sky Blues appear to have ample players in the position, adding someone like Sergio Busquets has been suggested.

According to Spanish outlet El Nacional, Manchester City could be up to something in the summer for the 33-year-old player.

Busquets is a proven commodity and is also believed to have links to club manager Pep Guardiola.

If the Citizens do go after the Spanish player, it would reunite Busquets and Guardiola. This is even though the defensive midfielder enjoying immense success with FC Barcelona so far.

Among his accomplishments include eight La Liga titles and three UEFA Champions League crowns.

But considering the Catalans have been into a rough financial situation, seeing Busquets move to another team soon is very plausible.

However, Rodri and Fernandinho are still around. This raises some questions on seeing Guardiola possibly stacking up too much talent.

But if one considers the age of Fernandinho, who is already 36, Busquets could be a potential replacement.

But the fact that the Spaniard is already 33 suggests that this scenario points at seeing Busquets being a short-term fix.

Most clubs have embarked on a youth movement, opting for young players who have either proven their worth or shown promise. Busquets is well beyond that with his colorful track record.

The Citizens have options to consider aside from Busquets. There is also Dusan Vlahovic of Fiorentina.

Manchester City is allegedly ready to offer the 21-year-old striker a lucrative contract, according to La Nazione.

Spain's Sergio Busquets and David De Gea at training in Saint Petersburg on Thursday Spain's Sergio Busquets and David De Gea at training in Saint Petersburg on Thursday Photo: AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV