After yesterday's much heated game between the Bulls and the Heat, there will be much to anticipate in Game 3 as the series looks to become the fiercest the NBA Playoffs has ever seen.

It's for no reason that yesterday's Game 2 had the highest ratings for a sports match in cable-TV history. You have the league's best regular season team and MVP up against the superstar clan Heat(a.k.a 'Big 3') which are arguably the most talented and championship-hungry team among the remaining 4. However it wasn't Dwayne Wade's acrobatics, LeBron James' athleticism/power or Derrick Rose's heroics that made the difference during the night but benchman Udonis Haslem's gut and soul that saved the Heat from a 2-0 deficit tableboard.

According to NBA news, Erik Spolestra's(Miami's headcoach) comment on Haslem's play was An absolute championship warrior and his performance in Game 2 was remarkable. Now I ask myself for not trying him earlier. He added, Two days ago I had a time with him. And something, a look in his face, that I knew it was time.

Bulls Headcoach Thibodeau's comment on Haslem was, He's one of those guys that you really can't measure him statistically. He brings a lot of toughness to their team, high-energy guy, terrific defensively.

The 6-foot-8 power forward ended the game with 13 points and although his regular season performance wasn't as spectacular as last night's, Haslem's defense, determination and heart may well be the x-factor for the series.

Definately a man to keep an eye on during the games coming up.