Paige Vanzant and Valerie Loureda recently shared updates on their careers.

A few days ago, UFC women’s flyweight VanZant was confident about returning to UFC soon. In an interview with MMA Fighting, the UFC star detailed the progress she has been making. VanZant revealed that she had to undergo two surgeries despite feeling confident with her body.

“My arm feels good but my mind is still uneasy. Before I had my first surgery, I felt great, I went in and my arm was still broken. I had to have a second surgery,” VanZant revealed.

The UFC bombshell also admitted that her mind was not at peace and at some point, she started to think that what she was feeling with her body is a bit far from reality.

“I’m at the point where I don’t trust myself. I feel really good but my mind still isn’t at peace until I go in and have my first CT scan,” VanZant admitted.

After all, VanZant remained firm with her plans and managed to stay disciplined during her recovery.

“I haven’t rushed anything. I’ve been doing everything it takes to heal this stupid arm. The plan is to fight at the end of the year,” VanZant said.

And to everybody’s surprise, a happy VanZant spoke with TMZ Sports recently to finally announce that she has just been cleared to fight again.

The UFC is expected to book the fan-favorite VanZant anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Women’s Bellator MMA flyweight Valerie Loureda has announced that she is taking a break from mixed martial arts to take part in a TV reality show, Sports Gossip reported.

Loureda, who has already been regarded as a firm fan-favorite after just two fights with Bellator, made the announcement on social media. The Bellator hottie would be swapping the cage for a reality show titled "Exatlon Estados Unidos."

The said program is currently broadcasted on American Spanish language network Telemundo. The show brings together teams of athletes, celebrities and everyday people to compete in a series of challenges, potentially over the course of several months.  

VanZant and Loureda are considered as UFC and Bellator’s hottest MMA fighters in women’s division.

UFC’s VanZant gained more popularity when she joined “Dancing With The Stars” a few years ago.

Bellator’s Loureda,  on the other hand, became an instant superstar in the promotion not only because of her looks but also because of her back-to-back impressive performances.