UFC heavyweight rising star Greg Hardy could make a name for himself with just one fight.

After Herschel Walker, Hardy from UFC and Matt Mitrione from Bellator have been the two most successful former NFL players in MMA thus far. However, the fact that Hardy and Mitrione are not under the same promotion, NFL and MMA fans wouldn’t know who the better NFL player turned MMA fighter is.

But a few weeks ago, Mitrione just gave Hardy a chance to make his own name in MMA. In a recent interview with Fansided, Mitrione called-out his fellow NFL star Hardy.

According to Mitrione, him and Hardy could make the first ever cross-promotion fight in MMA, an event that Bellator has been open about for quite some time.

“If that dude Greg Hardy who just put his name in my mouth and if he wants to get down tell the UFC they have my phone number. Call up Mr. Scott Coker and let’s go ahead and see who really is the best former football player,” Mitrione said.

Should the said UFC-Bellator cross-promotion fight materialize, Hardy and Mitrione will surely be recognized in MMA despite having no title across their names.

Meanwhile, UFC veteran Todd Duffee seemed not pleased with Hardy’s rise to fame in MMA. Speaking ahead of his return to action at UFC Vancouver, Duffee shared his belief that Hardy is not only getting easy fights, but also being overpaid, MMA Junkie reported.

“Hopefully I can go out there and get one of those Greg Hardy fights and I can get that six-figure paycheck and maybe they’ll start signing guys that are subpar for me to fight too,” Duffee exclaimed.

Duffee was so furious about Hardy’s paycheck that he even estimated how much should Hardy really get from UFC.

“I want to take his paycheck. He’s getting six figures to fight guys that have been flunked out of the UFC on 0-3 records. Why is nobody talking about that? Why aren’t you guys telling the truth? I think he flat out deserves ($) 100,000,” Duffee pointed out.

Hardy on his part, has kept his doors open for a fight against a well-rounded fighter. Given his eagerness to get a shot at an accomplished fighter, Mitrione or Duffee fight might happen in no time.

“I haven’t earned it, it’s only been two years. But I also think I will crush anyone you put in front of me. So bring it,” Hardy said.

Greg Hardy
Greg Hardy delivered a knockout in his pro MMA debut to earn a UFC contract. Pictured: Defensive end Greg Hardy #76 of the Dallas Cowboys on the sidelines before a game against the New England Patriots at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Oct. 11, 2015. Christian Petersen/Getty Images