MMA and WWE legend Ken Shamrock claims he and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master Royce Gracie are not done yet.

Undeniably, the Shamrock-Gracie rivalry helped MMA, particularly UFC to be recognized by the world from a different perspective. During the early days of UFC, Shamrock and Gracie were arguably the most talented fighters competing under the promotion.

Their first clash happened in 1993 at “ UFC 1: The Beginning.” In the historic match, Gracie managed to secure a win against a much bigger Shamrock via rear-naked choke. After two years, the two faced each other again and scrapped for “36 minutes.” In the end, judges were convinced that Shamrock and Gracie were evenly matched and the fight was declared “draw.”

Three years ago, the bitter rivals tried to settle the score once again at Bellator 149. After a couple of knees to the body of Shamrock, Gracie was able to soften the “world’s most dangerous man” and eventually won via TKO.

However, In a recent interview with Fox News, Shamrock insisted that he was the better the fighter and claimed that his rivalry with Gracie isn’t over yet.

“It was unsettling actually. It feels like a story that I had never finished. I felt like I was better. I felt like the opportunities that I had gotten had been changed, all the time rules changing time limits changing things that were set up to favor them and not me and his brothers and his family,” Shamrock exclaimed.

The legendary fighter also revealed that for so long, his battles with Gracie constantly blocked his way to supremacy. But more importantly, when he finally got the chance to redeem himself, the Jiu-jitsu legend apparently “kicked him below the belt.”

“And so it just felt like it was constantly roadblocks putting in front of me. And then when I finally got the chance to fight them where it was gonna be even ‘mano a mano’ like there was no family involved, it was just me and him in the ring, He knees me in the nuts and the ref doesn't see it, And they raise his hand,” Shamrock recalled.

To this day, Shamrock admitted that he still can’t believe that Gracie took all the credit in their fights despite allegedly playing dirty specially in their third match.

“I also know what kind of person he is outside the ring and that I can't see anybody accepting a win knowing that you landed a low shot knowing that you did that and then you just saying, 'Oh yeah, I beat him,'” Shamrock noted.