• Diego Sanchez's coach Joshua Fabia took another shocking dig at the UFC
  • Sanchez admitted that he now fears for his life 
  • The promotion's president Dana White said he thinks Sanchez is just being controlled by Fabia

Following the firing of his fighter, Diego Sanchez’s coach Joshua Fabia has taken another shot at UFC president Dana White.

There has been a series of onslaughts on the UFC these past few weeks courtesy of Sanchez’s coach. The promotion’s president, White, was the target of his most recent dig as Fabia accused the UFC boss of sleeping with female fighters.

“Why isn’t nobody talking about, that the reckoning happened, and that Dana White gets to f--k fighters?” Fabia said during an interview with John Gibson. “How many female fighters has [White] has sex with? How many female fighters has Sean Shelby had sex with? This is the truth, man.”

“And so, let’s just get real,” he continued. “There’s a lot of dirty, ridiculousness, and if you don’t want to clean it up and address it, and do this, yeah, man — I do have to show videos. I do have to show things because nobody else has recorded anything. Nobody else has protected themselves. Nobody else protected their fighter.”

The ongoing rift between Fabia and the UFC started when the company officially released his pupil and original “The Ultimate Fighter” winner, Sanchez.

The 39-year-old was supposed to co-headline UFC on ESPN 24 against fellow veteran Donald Cerrone but was pulled from the card after not being able to confirm he wasn’t suffering any long-term medical issues.

Fabia and Sanchez didn’t appreciate the UFC’s decision and began lashing out. This eventually led to the latter being cut by the UFC.

Dana White
UFC president Dana White dismissed suggestions that they staged incidents to build hype. In this picture, White speaks to the media during the UFC 229 Press Conference at Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 20, 2018, in New York City. Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Amid his fractious relationship with his former employer, Sanchez, who last fought in the UFC in September 2020, admitted that he now fears for his life.

“I’m going to tell you guys frankly, right now, I’m fearful for my motherf---ing life,” Sanchez said in a wide-ranging interview on SiriusXM’s “MMA Today.” “I’m fearful that this company, this billion-dollar monopoly company worldwide is going to come after me.”

“Something might happen to me in two years, maybe in a couple years,” he stressed. “Maybe I wreck my truck. Maybe, ‘Oh, Diego overdosed, some suicide s--t.’ I don’t know, but I would not put anything past the level of evil that is within this corporation.”

White, on the other hand, said he is certain Sanchez is only being manipulated by Fabia.

“Somehow, this creep [Fabia] got into Diego’s life and has been controlling him,” White told Yahoo Sports. “He worked his way into Diego’s life and has gotten control over him. I just want the best for Diego.”

Gilbert Melendez Diego Sanchez UFC 166
Lightweights Gilbert Melendez, left, and Diego Sanchez put on a fight for the ages at UFC 166 on Saturday night. Reuters