U.S. Open runner-up Serena Williams will be fined $2,000 for her rant against umpire Eva Asderaski.

Williams was charged with violating the tournament's code for verbal abuse. However, it does not rise to the level of a major offense, which means there will be no further punishment.

Williams made the rant during her losing effort against Australian Samantha Stosur in the finals.

She said the following to Asderaski, among other comments:

Are you the one who screwed me over last time?

I truly despise you.

You're unattractive inside.

If you ever see me walking down the hall, walk the other way.

The confrontation started after Asderaksi awarded a point, which Williams won, to Stosur because Williams screamed her trademark come on! while the ball was still in play.

Below is the video of the incident.

In 2009, Williams had an even worse outburst that cost her a whopping $90,000.