Usain Bolt holds the record for running the 100 meter sprint in 9.58 seconds.
Usain Bolt holds the record for running the 100 meter sprint in 9.58 seconds. Reuters

World and Olympic record holder Usain Bolt was involved in a minor car accident on Sunday.

The Jamaican sprinter crashed his BMW into a guardrail in Kingston, Jamaica, at about 5 A.M. ET after leaving a party, and was not injured. A breathalyzer test showed that Bolt was not under the influence of alcohol, but he still faces charges.

The police are investigating the accident to determine if Bolt was at fault. They would like to meet with Bolt, but have yet to speak with him.

If Bolt is found culpable, he could be charged for careless driving and failure to drive with due care and attention, said Radcliffe Lewis, senior superintendent in charge of the police traffic division.

Bolt did not suffer any physical harm during the accident.

There were no injuries at all. He is fine and resting at home, said Carole Beckford Bolt's publicist.

Lewis said that the police would not compromise their position because of Bolt's international celebrity status.

According to Glenmore Hinds, deputy commissioner of police, if Bolt were to face charges, it would be a traffic offense, not a criminal offense.

The sprinter will not be charged with a DUI. Alcohol has been ruled out as the reason for the crash, but he is still not in the clear. Police are still waiting for a clarified account of why the accident occurred.

If found guilty, Bolt could face charges, not exceeding $5,000, for driving a motor vehicle on a road without due care and attention without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road.

This is the second car accident bolt has been involved in the past three years. In 2009, Bolt crashed his BMW into a ditch in Jamaica.