A man who was videotaped being beaten by police nearly two weeks ago is refusing to participate in an investigation into the incident until a special prosecutor is brought in, reports the Wall Street Journal. Jateik Reed was released on a $10,000 bond Monday.

At the urging of his lawyers, 19-year-old Reed refused to sign a document that would allow him to be interrogated by the office of District Attorney Robert Johnson. The lawyers backed the refusal, saying that there is a too close of relationship between the district attorney and the NYPD and that the relationship has impaired previous investigations into police brutality.

Reed was arrested in January on charges of drug possession and resisting arrest. A week after the arrest, a video was posted on the Internet that showed four police officers kicking and beating the young man with their batons after they had put him in handcuffs.

Commissioner Ray Kelly called the video troubling and announced last week that the four officers have had their badges taken for now while the investigation is being conducted. Reed's family is calling for Kelly to press charges against the four officers for assault.