The Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins, has officially changed its name to The Washington Commanders.

The change came Wednesday after a two-year search for a fresh moniker as the team endured scrutiny regarding its original name.

The name Commanders was chosen through thousands of submissions from fans, according to The New York Times. Team president Jason Wright revealed the news on NBC’s "Today" program.

“Our task was less of a marketing endeavor and more about finding a cross section of unity,” Wright said. “It’s a name that has the weight and meaning befitting a 90-year-old franchise.”

Wright also said that the team considered the name Wolves, but did not go through with it due to trademarks owned by other teams, CNBC reports.

Major League Baseball's Cleveland Guardians, formerly known as the Indians, also changed their name due to accusations of impersonating Native Americans.

“It’s something that broadly resonated with our fans," Wright added. "And it's something that we believe embodies the values of service and leadership that really define the [District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area]."