A video was released online showing passengers travelling by Singapore airlines waiting inside the aircraft for hours without any ventilation as the plane's air condition was faulty. Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 516 was traveling to the Indian city of Kolkata on June 8 when nearly 400 passengers had to go through the traumatic experience. 

According to reports, the flight landed at its destination hours past its scheduled time due to the non-functional air conditioning system causing the delay. After boarding the plane, passengers were forced to remain in the cabin for 3 hours till engineers repaired the ACs.

The video showed the passengers arguing with airline staff. They alleged the staff did not appropriately inform passengers on what the hold-up was about and were also rude and unhelpful. 

The heat and humidity in the aircraft without ventilation reportedly caused many passengers — including some elderly and a pregnant woman to feel sick and throw up. Passengers alleged the airline staff refused to even offer water to the sick passengers. One of the passengers claimed the staff threatened to call police.

Chandni Doulatramani, who was traveling with her elderly parents, shared the experience on a Facebook post.

"On the 8th of June, I was flying back via Singapore Airlines (SQ 516) to Calcutta with my parents (both senior citizens) and younger sister from Brisbane. Upon boarding the aircraft, we were told that the air-conditioning was not working and it would be fixed within fifteen minutes. Every five minutes the captain kept giving us live updates on the PA system. Everyone waited patiently until we realised this wasn't going to get fixed anytime soon. Later, an air hostess told me the aircraft hasn't been in use for a long time and so the air-conditioning was not working. When we confronted the cabin crew, they threatened to call the cops," the post read.

Another passenger, P D. Goel said: “We were made to wait in the bus which was supposed to take us to flight for one hour.” Speaking of the crew’s behavior, he said, “There was a hot exchange between the passengers and the crew. Handling (of the situation) was very bad and this is one of the best airlines, nobody can expect this type of mishandling or misbehavior.”

International Business Times reached out to Singapore Airlines and is awaiting a response.