Stray dog
Representational image Getty Images/AFP/ Martin Bernetti

The video of a stray dog helping a woman who was being robbed in broad daylight has become famous on social media.

The incident came to light when the CCTV footage of the attack was posted on the Facebook page of Podgoricki Vremeplov on Nov. 23.

According to Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG), the video was shot in Podgorica, the capital of former Yugoslav country Montenegro.

In the video that is about 0.23 seconds long, the woman is seen walking on the road with a couple of bags in her hand while a man in a yellow hood is seen following her. After a few minutes, he walks towards her and attacks her, trying to pin her down to the floor, as he tries to rob her.

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The dog which is seen sitting on the road till that point is seen running towards the pair and attacks the robber, sending him running away from the woman. The Independent reported that the dog’s name is said to be Medo which translates as "teddy bear," although it is not clear in which language.

In a similar incident in August last year, this time in Georgia, a stray pitbull was hailed a savior after he was stabbed five times while saving a Georgia woman from a brutal attacker.

The dog, called Hero, was said to have been wandering around the village of Baldwin when he found a man pulling a knife on a woman and leapt on him, saving the woman.

Hero was found by the police after nearly being left for dead.