The 2013 Super Bowl is set to get underway on Sunday. However, one of the football-related stories that is dominating the news has nothing to do with the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

On Thursday, the New York Post reported that Dan Marino had an extra-marital affair with a former employee. The relationship resulted in the former Miami Dolphins quarterback having a baby out of wedlock in 2005.

Donna Savattere was revealed as the woman who fathered Marino’s child. The two worked together at CBS, where Marino has been an analyst on “The NFL Today” since 2003. Marino did not inform CBS executives about the affair until this week when he learned that details of the story would be released. He did tell his wife, with whom he has six children, when the incident occurred in 2005.

The Post reports that Savattere was paid millions of dollars by Marino to keep the secret of his love child quiet. She even moved from New York to Texas to avoid word of the affair spreading.

Savattere,44, is married to a man she met after her tryst with Marino. The couple is raising a son, in addition to seven-year-old Chloe, who was fathered by Marino.

The Hall of Famer has reportedly met his daughter on multiple occasions. "They would have impromptu meetings, which was part of the deal," a source said to the Post.

Below are some pictures of Savattere.