• The unnamed soldier was heard speaking during an intercepted telephone call
  • He also talked about the hardship the soldiers were facing due to harsh weather
  • Several captured Russian troops in Ukraine urged their people to rise up against Putin

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine enters its fifth week, an unnamed Russian soldier was heard speaking to his grandmother in an intercepted phone call, telling her he was terrified and wanted to escape.

In the voice clip, the soldier could be heard telling his grandmother his “whole brigade was smashed” and that “I don’t know how God saved me.” He also expressed his fears and said he just wants to “get the f--- out” of Ukraine.

The desperate call and its English translation were shared on the Telegram account of Ukraine's government adviser and foreign minister Anton Gerashchenko, according to

The Russia-Ukraine war has been ongoing for nearly a month, plummeting the morale of several soldiers as the bloodbath continues without any hopes of an end.

At the start of the phone call, the woman asks the soldier “God, when will this end” to which he replies his situation is “scary granny.”

“To be honest with you I would get the f--- out of here right now and I don’t care,” the soldier tells his grandma. “The main thing is to survive the hell. We thought everything would be over in two weeks. It’s been almost a month already.”

The soldier also talks about the hardship they are facing due to the weather conditions. He says the soldiers and officers' legs and hands are “frozen up” from living in trenches.

Last week, several captured Russian troops in Ukraine urged their people to rise up against President Vladimir Putin, with one calling him a “liar” and a “deceiver.”

Speaking during a press conference, Alexei Zheleznyak – a soldier of the 34th separate motorized rifle brigade – criticized Putin for bombing residents and hospitals in the cities of Ukraine. He also accused the Russian president of making “fascists” out of the soldiers.

"Putin, without declaring war, is bombing residents, hospitals, cities of Ukraine," Zheleznyak said during the press conference, as translated by Interfax. "The Ukrainian people are brave people. They will stop this (Russian) equipment even without weapons. They are united. No matter how much Putin sends his troops here, he will not capture this territory... Our commander-in-chief is a liar and a deceiver of all our people.”

As the fierce battle continues, both sides have shown no sign of backing down. However, on Thursday, Ukrainian officials said Russia wants to end the war on May 9, the same day Moscow celebrates its victory in World War II.

Russian soldiers on exercise. Reuters/Kazbek Basayev