In this representation image, a bride poses for photo during a total lunar eclipse from in Brasilia, Brazil, July 27, 2018. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

In a tragic incident, a bride found her "healthy and fit" husband dead inside their hotel suite just after the wedding. The incident took place last month but reports about it surfaced this week.

The new wife returned from her wedding party at the Woodhall Spa in Linton near Wetherby, West Yorkshire in England only to discover her 37-year-old husband had died.

Danny Emsley reportedly went to bed before midnight on his wedding night Aug. 17. His wife Clare, 35, went to check on him an hour or so later and he was "fine" so she returned to the party, the Sun reported.

But when Clare went back to her husband after the party was over, she found him dead in the honeymoon suite. According to reports, there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

"Friday was the best day of my life, where I got to marry the best, most bluntly honest, funniest, kindest and most loving man I've ever met," Clare wrote in a heartbreaking message on social media. "We had a perfect day full of family, friends, love and laughter - we couldn't have asked for a better day."

"The magic ran out at the end of the night and my beautiful Danny was cruelly ripped from my life. There is a hole in my heart that can never be filled. I just don't know how I'll ever cope without you my fabulous husband," she added.

The couple had been together for seven years before they got married in August, the Sun reported. Emsley, who was a window cleaner, had a son from a previous relationship.

A friend spoke to the Sun saying Emsley was "healthy and fit."

"Shortly after Clare tried to move Danny to get into bed and realized something was seriously wrong," the friend said. "She screamed and ran out of the room calling for help. The door closed behind her leaving her locked out... Friends and relatives came to her aid. They had to smash the door of the room down. They called 999 and tried CPR but it was too late."

His aunt Gail Emsley wrote online: "Our nephew passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning a few hours after his wedding."

Emsley funeral will take place Sept. 14, media reports said.