The economy is a growing concern for U.S. adults once again after declining in importance for much of the year, according to a new poll.

The economy in general is the most important problem at this time, according to 31 percent of U.S. adults, reported Gallup in a poll taken between November 5-8. The results were released Monday.

The figure is up five percentage points compared to the result last month. The percentage of U.S. adults considering the economy as the most important problem has fallen sharply this year, from 57 percent in February.

The next highest concern was Healthcare at 22 percent and Unemployment/Jobs at 20 percent.

The Gallup poll results are based on telephone interviews with 1,008 national adults, aged 18 and older. The error margin is plus or minus 4 percent.

The Top 5 most important issues were:

Economy in general, 21 percent

Healthcare, 22 percent

Unemployment/Jobs, 20 percent

War/Wars in general 8 percent

Dissatisfaction with government, 8 percent