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The WWE title remains in abeyance after Battleground. wwe.com

It may not have delivered what many of the fans wanted, but the WWE’s newest Pay-Per-view certainly wasn’t predictable. Battleground debuted on Sunday, leaving many questions unanswered by the end of the night.

COO Triple decided to hold the WWE tile in abeyance following Night of Champions, and the belt remains there after the most recent PPV. Neither Daniel Bryan nor Randy Orton won the belt when Big Show interfered in the match. The championship match started a few minutes late because of a power outage at Buffalo’s First Niagara center. The PPV feed was lost, but the program restarted shortly after.

All of the other matches had a conclusive finish, but several were decided because of the involvement of an outside individual. Four titles were on the line, but no belts changed hands.

Below are the complete results from WWE Battleground 2013, as well as a recap for each match. The match card included eight contests on the PPV and one on the pre-show.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton ended in a No Contest (WWE Championship Match)

It appeared Bryan might ready to win the title as he had Orton trapped in the “Yes” Lock, but the hold was quickly broken when Big Show disrupted the match. He proceeded to knock out Bryan, Orton and referee Scott Armstrong, who was sent to the ring by "Monday Night Raw" general manager Brad Maddox. The PPV went off the air with Big Show standing tall and the other two wrestlers still lying on the ground.

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio OVER Rob Van Dam (Battleground Hardcore Rules Match)

The much predicted swerve of Ricardo Rodriguez turning on RVD never came to fruition, but Del Rio still left victorious. The match opened the show, and ended with the champ forcing Van Dam to tap out. Rodriguez did get involved in the No DQ match, but it wasn’t enough to give the challenger the win. The turning point came when RVD missed an attempted Van Terminator.

CM Punk OVER Ryback

The newest “Paul Heyman Guy” lost because of the manager’s ringside shenanigans. With Punk lying against the ropes, Heyman was prepared to hit his former client with a kendo stick. When the ref ran over to stop Heyman, Punk was able to hit Ryback with a low blow and pin him for the win.

Divas Champion AJ Lee OVER Brie Bella

AJ continued her dominance of the Divas division with a win over Brie Bella. Unlike in her previous PPV wins, she didn’t submit her opponent with the “Black Widow.” Instead, she pinned Brie, who was distracted when Tamina Snuka attacked Nikki Bella ringside.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust OVER WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

In the match of the night, the Rhodes family took out The Shield to win back their employment in the WWE. Dusty Rhodes wasn’t in the match, but got involved when he hit Dean Ambrose with a Bionic Elbow outside of the ring. Shortly after, Rhodes hit Rollins with a Cross Rhodes to end the match. As the family walked to the back, several former and current WWE superstars came out to congratulate them.

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel OVER R-Truth

Axel kept his title at yet another PPV, defeating R-Truth in easy fashion. He’s held the belt for 111 days.

The Real Americans OVER Santino Marella & The Great Khali

The match doesn’t mean much in the WWE landscape, but it featured one of the coolest moments of the night. Antonio Cesaro clinched the victory for himself and Jack Swagger after using what is now being dubbed the “Cesaro Swing” on Khali.

Bray Wyatt OVER Kofi Kingston

The newest WWE superstar kept his undefeated streak alive in a match that was added to the card earlier in the week. Wyatt didn’t need any help from Erick Rowan or Luke Harper, and he pinned Kingston following his finishing maneuver.

Dolph Ziggler OVER Damien Sandow (Kickoff Match)

Ziggler pinned Sandow after connecting with a Zig Zag. Sandow was hampered by an injured knee, which was given as the reason why he didn’t cash-in his Money in the Bank contract.