Daniel Bryan Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan pinned Randy Orton to win back the WWE title. wwe.com

Most of the results from 2013 Night of Champions may have been predictable, but there were a few surprises along the way. The latest WWE PPV saw a controversial ending to the main event, and the start of a new feud for one of its top superstars.

Every title was on the line, with one belt changing hands. For the most part, the heels had their way with the babyfaces.

Below are the complete results from Night of Champions 2013, as well as a recap for each match. The match card included eight contests on the PPV and one on the pre-show.

Daniel Bryan OVER WWE Champion Randy Orton

For the second straight PPV, Bryan won the WWE championship in the main event. He pinned Orton after hitting him with a flying knee. The decision, however, should be brought into question on “Monday Night Raw.” Referee Scott Armstrong had a very fast count, which will likely be addressed by COO Triple H. Armstrong returned to the match after getting knocked out from a collision with Orton. Last year’s finale to the PPV also ended in controversy when it appeared that John Cena pinned CM Punk, but the match was ruled in a draw.

CM Punk OVER Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman OVER CM Punk

Punk finally got to fight Heyman after dropping Axel with a GTS and forcing him to tap put to the Anaconda Vise. The former WWE champ hit the manager with a kendo stick several times, before putting him in handcuffs. Right before Punk was able to make good on his promise to “break Heyman’s face,” Ryback interfered and put Punk through a table. He placed Heyman on top of his former friend, giving him the win. A feud between Punk and Ryback could be on the horizon.

Rob Van Dam OVER World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

RVD ended the night with a victory, but was unable to leave Night of Champions with the title. Del Rio was disqualified after refusing to let go of the Cross Armbreaker, once Van Dam had his hand on the ropes. “Mr. Monday Night” got a measure of revenge by hitting the champ with a Van Terminator after the match had concluded. Even though Del Rio had to be helped to the back by the medical staff, Damein Sandow did not cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Divas Champion AJ Lee OVER Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi

AJ continued her dominance at PPV’s by forcing Natalya to tap out to her Black Window submission hold. Moments earlier, Natalya looked like she could be on her way to a victory when she put both Brie and Naomi in a Double Sharpshooter. It wasn’t enough, though, as AJ broke it up and retained her title.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose OVER Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler’s fast spiral down the card continued on Sunday with his loss to Ambrose. He was defeated cleanly, getting pinned by the champ after being hit with his finisher. Ambrose won without any assistance from The Shield.

Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns OVER The Prime Time Players

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil earned the right to fight for the title with a win in the Tag Team Tornado Match on the pre-show. O’Neil hit Rollins with his finisher, but Reigns broke up the potential pin. That led to Reigns hitting O’Neill with a spear, and Rollins pinning him for the win.

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel OVER Kofi Kingston

Heading into Sunday, it appeared that the Intercontinental title would not be defended at Night of Champions, making it the first time that every belt wouldn’t be on the line since the PPV’s inception in 2007. That changed as the night began with Triple H telling Axel and Heyman that the champ would have two matches on the night. The COO chose Kingston as his opponent, who was pinned to start the PPV.

The Miz OVER Fandango

In a match that wasn’t on the original PPV card, The Miz and Fandango faced off to settle their feud. The Miz won with the Figure-Four Leglock.