Daniel Bryan WWE
Daniel Bryan refused to give up the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Payback. Getty

While the buildup for Payback 2014 may have been lackluster, the pay-per-view event more than delivered.

Certain storylines were advanced, but the PPV most likely marked the end of the two biggest feuds in WWE. John Cena and The Shield should be moving on after their victories on Sunday.

Daniel Bryan kept the WWE World Heavyweight title. Brie Bella quit, allowing the champ to keep the belt, during his injury.

CM Punk did not return, but he was mentioned multiple times. Paul Heyman acknowledged the chants from the crowd, before Cesaro’s match with Sheamus. Stephanie McMahon even said Punk’s name, as the crowd chanted during her segment with Bryan and Brie.

Below are the complete results from Payback, as well as a recap for each match.

The Shield OVER Evolution (No Holds Barred Elimination Match)

The Shield continues to look even stronger at every PPV. While Evolution dominated for a large part of the match, The Shield got the win without having a single member eliminated. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins each got a pin, as Triple H was the final member of Evolution to be eliminated.

John Cena OVER Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing Match)

The match was probably the best on the card, and one of the most brutal WWE has seen in a long time. Both men left the arena bruised, though Cena came out on top. The action concluded away from the ring, after Cena put Wyatt through an equipment case by the stage with an Attitude Adjustment. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were involved throughout the match, but their presence was nullified by The Usos.

Bad News Barrett OVER Rob Van Dam (Intercontinental Championship)

Barrett got a clean victory over RVD to retain his title. He hit the Bad New Bull Hammer, following a failed attempt by RVD at a split legged Moonsault.

Sheamus OVER Cesaro (United States Championship)

The two opened the show with an extremely physical match. Sheamus never landed a Brogue Kick, and Cesaro put his opponent in the giants swing at the end of the match, but Sheamus got the pin with a small package.

Paige OVER Alicia Fox (Divas Championship)

Paige kept the title, forcing Fox to tap out to her Scorpion Crosslock. Fox stormed off after the loss, but refrained from any more post-match antics.

El Torito OVER Hornswoggle (Hair vs. Mask Match)

For a second straight PPV, El Torito beat Hornswoggle on the pre-show. The bull and Los Matadores shaved Hornswoggle’s head after the victory.

Rusev OVER Big E

Big E’s apparent descent down the card continued with a quick loss to the Bulgarian Brute. He was forced to tap out to the Accolade, and Rusev still looks unbeatable.

Ryback & Curtis Axel OVER Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Ryback pinned Cody for the win, which could start the beginning of the long-rumored feud between the Rhodes brothers. After the match, Cody told Goldust that he deserved a better tag team partner, before walking by himself to the locker room.