WWE Extreme Rules 2019 is over and done with and critics were pretty much impressed at first. With top wrestling stars churning out incredible performances, the WWE pay-per-view seemed well on its way to success. That was until Brock Lesnar entered the picture.

The 2019 WWE Money in the Bank winner surprised many when he decided to cash in and target Seth Rollins. After going through a mixed tag-team match alongside Becky Lynch against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, it was pretty clear that the Kingslayer was battered and exhausted, WWE.com reported. And of course, this was the perfect time for the Beast Incarnate to enter the picture and reclaim the Universal title for the third time. He did just that, unleashing several German Suplexes and capping everything off with a single F-5 to pin Rollins and win the heavyweight title for the third time.

Making Lesnar WWE Universal Champion once more carries a lot of criticism. Pundits single out how this move by WWE CEO Vince McMahon and the creative team is a step in the wrong direction. The foremost concern by critics is the frequency at which Lesnar appears and defends the championship belt. With the promotion having its share of issues as far as jacking up the ratings, some feel that this development could tell in the near future.

Despite the rating drop, the good news for the WWE is that it may take some time before other promotions catch up. The creativity of storylines is what most are singling out and the WWE creative team would be wise to find ways in improving that. Paul Heyman, Lesnar's handler, and Eric Bischoff are tasked to turn things around with most still waiting what changes are forthcoming.

Speaking of threats, one promotion that is quietly making a name for itself is All Elite Wrestling (AEW). They are now home to several familiar WWE names of the past such as Chris Jericho and Dustin Rhodes. But like the WWE, storylines matter. This was specifically pointed out by actor-wrestler Dave Bautista who sees AEW purely as competition. And for the promotion to become a legit threat to the WWE, the former heavyweight champion believes that this can only happen once they produce a major star to become the face of the company. Much of this was covered in a previous post.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar lost his WWE Championship to Roman Reigns recently at WrestleMania FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images