• Big E makes an uncanny pick to win the Royal Rumble next year
  • Big E will likely stake his title against either Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens
  • WWE could be preparing a big push for Cesaro heading into the Royal Rumble

After colliding with Roman Reigns at this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view event, Big E is moving forward to see who his next opponent for the WWE Championship will be.

One big event ahead is the WWE Royal Rumble. The winner of the 30-man battle royal normally goes on to challenge the world champion of his choice at WrestleMania 38.

Big E was asked for his pick to win the 2022 edition when he spoke on the Barstool Rasslin’ podcast.

The Florida native gave a surprising answer and selected Cesaro to win it all for some reason.

“I’ll go with someone who’s not them (Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods). Let’s go, Cesaro should win the Rumble. Man, Cesaro is so damn good in the ring. I would love to see Cesaro get hot again," he said.

"When he was with Paul Heyman, like that era, the swing era, and he’s still so damn good, but people were so behind him them. He’s a guy who is deserving of that, so I would love to see him get some much-deserved momentum."

Cesaro has had his ups and downs in WWE but has been conspicuously quiet as of late. 

A  push could happen at some point, and Big E may have been igniting it.

For now, Big E is expected to focus on his next challenger.

Following the events that went down on the November 22 edition of WWE Raw, it appears two familiar figures will be the champ’s next opponents.

WWE wrestling star Cesaro WWE wrestling star Cesaro Photo: Getty Images | CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens were lurking at ringside when Big E won over Austin Theory last Monday.

There is a chance that a storyline involving all of them will ensue in the coming weeks, and it could drag on until WrestleMania 38 unless the Royal Rumble winner opts to go for Big E’s title–assuming he is still the champion in the succeeding months.