• Adam Cole may have dropped the biggest hint about his future in a recent tweet
  • Reports indicate that Cole has not made a decision yet about where he plans to sign
  • Cole and Kyle O'Reilly are set to finish their feud at NXT TakeOver 36

Adam Cole’s future with WWE remains murky, but a tweet from the former NXT Champion could be the nail in the coffin.

His contract is set to expire this week but not before he finishes his blood feud with former stablemate Kyle O'Reilly on Sunday, August 22.

The former leader of then-dominant NXT stable “Undisputed era” is currently embroiled in a bloody feud with his former on-screen brother-in-arms O’Reilly for the better part of the year.

It all started on Valentine’s Day as the promotion held its pay-per-view event NXT TakeOVer: Vengeance Day.

Then-NXT Champion Finn Balor defended his title against Pete Dunne when the latter’s stablemates Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan ran in to assault the Irishman, but the Undisputed Era came in to fend them off.

As the show was about to close with all men standing in the ring together, Cole superkicked Balor and then O’Reilly, leading Cole to go on a singles run and break up NXT’s most popular stable.

Cole and O’Reilly have been at each other’s throats since then, and a match scheduled for NXT TakeOVer 36 this weekend is set to be the rubber match between the two men, both having a win over the other in previous pay-per-view events.

However, it could also be Cole’s final match with the brand.

In an effort to further add eyes to the event, Cole tweeted out a link to his Instagram page with the caption: “The end of the era. This Sunday. I shock the system.”

The caption could be interpreted in two ways: pertaining to the end of the storyline or his time with WWE.

Reports have indicated that Cole has not yet made a formal decision regarding his contract and has since been linked to a move to rival promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) due to his connections with the talent there.

He has also dropped a spoiler of where he plans to go earlier this week.

Cole’s departure will be a major hit to the NXT brand--and WWE by extension--as his name has become synonymous with the brand itself after his explosive debut in 2017.

Should Cole leave the company following NXT TakeOver 36, he leaves with the record of the longest singular reign as NXT Champion at 403 days, being crowned as the inaugural NXT North American Champion and four years’ worth of iconic moments.