• Jey Uso is expected to turn on Roman Reigns soon
  • Reigns could face Kevin Owens at WWE TLC
  • Daniel Bryan's storyline with Reigns starts at WWE Royal Rumble

Since becoming a heel, Roman Reigns has been boosting the WWE's ratings. However, there are a lot of side plots to consider. There is perhaps no better character to single out other than his cousin, Jey Uso.

Since aligning with the reigning WWE Universal Champion, things have not gone well for Uso. He has been a minion for Reigns and, as most would expect, failing. Though most anticipate this is part of a script, Uso is likely being readied for a big push and that could happen soon. Will it happen at WWE TLC on Dec. 20?

Uso kicked off the Friday edition of WWE SmackDown, lauding Reigns for his win over Drew McIntyre. Instead of thanking his cousin, Reigns ended up chastising Uso for his failures – particularly at WWE Survivor Series.

The former tag team champion was the last man standing for Team SmackDown in the WWE pay-per-view. Though he valiantly tried, the 35-year-old eventually got pinned by Keith Lee in a dominating performance by Team Raw.

Uso did try to make up for his failure when he meddled in Reigns’ match with McIntyre. However, that was not enough to cover the fact that Uso was not living up to the Big Dog's expectations.

Considering that distraction Uso did at WWE Survivor Series 2020, he could be someone to watch at WWE TLC. Based on what went down in the last episode of SmackDown, Reigns appears headed for a clash with Kevin Owens at the next pay-per-view.

Originally, WWE fans were expecting a Daniel Bryan vs. Reigns storyline. However, it appears this has been delayed until the WWE Royal Rumble, according to the Wrestling Observer. The reason behind this remains unknown for now.

The feud between Owens and Reigns remains for now, although there is a possibility that Bryan could emerge and kick off that feud later. But what does the future hold for Uso? Will he turn on his cousin and finally stand up to him? Or will he be headed to a feud with Owens instead?

Obviously, Owens is a pawn that was inserted to buy Bryan some time. Unless something big is planned, a new WWE Universal champion being crowned at WWE TLC is unlikely.

But WWE fans are urged not to take their eyes off Uso. Something is up with his singles journey and one hurdle he has to conquer is Reigns.

 WWE Hall of Famer Jey Uso
WWE Hall of Famer Jey Uso Getty Images | Brent N. Clarke