• WWE shocked its fans with the announcement of Impact Wrestling star Mickie James' appearance at the Royal Rumble event
  • Outlets report that WWE's partnership with Impact Wrestling is not a response to AEW
  • This move opens up a ton of possibilities for WWE moving forward

New details have emerged regarding WWE’s sudden willingness to work with other wrestling promotions after a shocking episode of Friday Night SmackDown last January 7.

Ringside News reported on the apparent sudden turn of events within WWE as the company had never shown any willingness to have its talents appear on other promotions and vice versa.

“We were told that the conspiracy theory of WWE working with Impact Wrestling to get back at AEW is not accurate. WWE’s deal with Impact Wrestling came along for much different reasons,” wrote the online wrestling outlet.

“We were told that ‘Vince doesn’t care’ and he even ‘okayed mentioning Impact [Wrestling on air] as part of the deal.’ At this point there are ‘no borders.’”

However, the outlet also shot down all theories of WWE deciding to work with Impact Wrestling as a way to get back at rising rival AEW.

Impact Wrestling executive vice president Scott D’Amore also spoke about the developments between them and the WWE.

“WWE wanted it, Mickie wanted it and Impact Wrestling’s philosophy is always to work with other major promotions to create buzz for the fans. In a 12-month period, Impact Wrestling has worked with NWA, AAA, New Japan, AEW and now WWE. Impact Wrestling is the nexus of the forbidden door era,” D’Amore remarked as quoted by the Impact Wrestling website.

While Impact Wrestling has worked with other wrestling organizations in the past, James’ Royal Rumble appearance carries a ton of weight with regards to how WWE can further develop its product.

Fans have been imploring for McMahon’s company to consider working with others because there are a ton of dream matchups that could be in store for performers across the card.

The best example would be Kenny Omega and the rest of The Elite against a coalition of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ Bloodline faction, fan-favorite tag teams like RK-Bro, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano reforming #DIY, and the New Day in a massive cross-brand feud that makes for an exciting product.

Reigning AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D could form a one-time stable of her own against the best women on WWE’s roster possibly led by Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks in a much-better rehash of the critically panned “The Invasion” storyline in 2001.

While there are no reports yet as to how long WWE will keep working with Impact Wrestling, fans are already salivating at the idea of seeing the Stamford-based outfit’s cream of the crop against performers from other promotions.