• Roman Reigns will likely confront Jimmy Uso for his continued defiance
  • The Usos could end up at odds as the new storyline
  • Seth Rollins' feud with Cesaro could heat up after the post-fight WWE Backlash attack

WWE Backlash 2021 is over, and Roman Reigns remains the Universal Champion.

Cesaro gave a good account of himself, but the effort came up short. But after that main event, several developments are worth considering.

First is the vicious attack of Seth Rollins, something that was anticipated.

Both have some unfinished business, particularly that part when they were vying on who deserves to get a crack at the Universal Championship belt.

Rollins lost his chance thanks mainly to a superkick from Jimmy Uso. Now, “The Messiah” wants payback in a looming new storyline with the "Swiss Superman."

But even before the Reigns vs. Cesaro match got underway, there was already something developing.

Jey Uso was urged by his brother Jimmy not to be part of the entourage, leaving Reigns with only Paul Heyman at ringside.

Regardless, Reigns was able to weather the storm and prove he could win without interference.

Cesaro held off anything thrown at him, but the physical toll was apparent.

Jey tried to make amends after the match, about the same time when Rollins unleashed his vicious attack on Cesaro.

So where does it go from here? Here are some possible scenarios.

Cesaro vs Rollins feud

The seeds have been planted, but there is the question of Cesaro’s condition.

Should Cesaro be unfit to compete, Rollins could end up targeting Reigns or even Jimmy.

Recall that “The Architec” was livid with the interference of Jimmy in one of the previous episodes of SmackDown, telling Reigns to take care of it.

The problem is that the former multiple-time Tag Team Champion was defiant, and Reigns may not have control over Jimmy.

Jimmy Uso's feud with Roman Reigns to heat up

Jimmy has been the black sheep as of late, questioning the legitimacy of Reigns' rise to the top.

The 35-year-old mentioned that had he and his brother Jey be the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, would they be at the top of the food chain?

Considering Jimmy convinced Jey to leave Reigns and Heyman before that Backlash main event, that could be sending a strong message to the "Big Dog."

Battle of the brothers

Jey could be the one torn in the end. He wants to appease Reigns, but Jimmy is not on board with it.

They could end up in a brother vs. brother storyline with Jimmy the odd man out.

Reigns and Heyman are bound to back Jey, a development that could shelve WWE Tag Team Championship plans for The Usos.

Roman Reigns.
Roman Reigns holds up the Championship Belt during the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Live India Tour in New Delhi. Getty Images/CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP