• The Undertaker appeared in an IG Live video yesterday and talked about the rumors
  • He also gave out brief info about his upcoming documentary
  • He won his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles in their Wrestlemania 36 face-off

He left AJ Styles buried alive during their Boneyard Match riding motorcycles but for some, it could be a lowkey hint that The Undertaker is now leaving wrestling for good. The match, more than the positive reviews that they’ve got on social media, was talked about as it is rumored to be the last match that ‘Taker will have and his future with the WWE now hangs in the balance.

There is only one person who can confirm whether they are true or not – “The Phenom” himself.

The Wrestlemania legend joined the Nine Line Apparel Instagram Live video and the unavoidable topic of his retirement was one of the points of discussion per reports from Sportskeeda. When brought up the rumors about his last match was the main event from the day one of Wrestlemania's two-day event, he finally addressed the issue.

His reply, though, isn’t really a concrete one.

“We’ll see. I love you, man, but I can’t give that up tonight. Watch the documentary and you might have a better perspective,” said the 55-year old star.

“The Deadman” is referring to the documentary centered on his preparation for his Wrestlemania matches and a never before seen footage of how he is dealing with the injuries that he’s getting during his matches within the recent years. The documentary series is about to be four or five episodes long, according to him, but there is no exact date on when the first episode will drop for the fans to watch.

His latest Instagram post further raised the speculation of him hanging up his gloves for good because of how it was captioned where he highlighted his 30 years in the business.

Other than his dark persona, he was also known for his “American Badass” gimmick decades back, which brought the long-time WWE fans in nostalgia when he came to the match riding his big bike.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker is set to return to the WWE ring this coming May in Saudi Arabia. The Undertaker enters the arena during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Getty Images/Gaye Gerard