Outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is now suffering from multiple fractures in his right ankle after a fateful accident at his ranch in Florida.

Cespedes told the team that he fell after stepping in a hole at his ranch, causing him to twist his right ankle and resulting to multiple fractures. Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen arrived into the news conference room at Citi Field three hours before the Mets faced the Washington Nationals, only to announce that Cespedes has been injured and therefore won’t be able to participate in the game, The New York Times reported.

“Our focus right now is on the player’s health and trying to get the right answers of what procedures need to be done, if any, and what the prognosis will be coming out of this,” Van Wagenen said.

Van Wagenen refused to put a timetable on a Cespedes’ possible return. But the player is expected to miss the majority of this season.

Aside from this, Wagenen said that he cannot confirm whether or not Cespedes might miss time in 2020 as well.

Cespedes has had numerous recorded accidents and injuries. He missed time due to hamstring and quadriceps ailments in 2017. Last year, Cespedes went on the disabled list on May 14 for a right hip flexor strain. He also suffered a setback while rehabilitating it during a minor league game. This led the team to announce that his season was over in July because of calcification and bone spurs in both heels.

Cespedes is currently being evaluated in New York City. The Cuban outfielder hasn't played since July of last year, and if he misses the entire 2019 season, that would mean that he has played a total of 119 games across three years.

Van Wagenen said that Cespedes suffered a violent fall (but it wasn’t off a horse) and stepped in a hole that resulted to his right ankle getting injured. It looks like there are multiple fractures in the other ankle, according to CBS Sports.

“Mets publicly aren’t putting a timeline on Cespedes, saying the swelling is too great to know. But, if it isn’t obvious, this year is out for him. Next year and beyond are the questions,” Jon Heyman said.

Since there is no reported date for Cespedes’ expected return, all the team can do is wish for his speedy recovery and hope that nothing more serious happens in the future.

Yoenis Cespedes Mets
Yoenis Cespedes hit a career-high 35 home runs last season. Getty