In the new film "The Campaign," now in theaters, Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis play two laughingstocks that run for congress in North Carolina. Throughout the film, the funnymen mock the façade that politicians typically put on during campaigns for office.

With a nod to films like "Primary Colors" and "Wag the Dog," "The Campaign" takes political spoofs a step further into the absurd. Highlighting sex scandals, alcohol abuse, and bigotry, the film is an outrageous critique on the electoral process. In one scene, for example, opponents Cam Brady (Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) fight to kiss a baby during a press op.

Here are five things to know about the film.

Ferrell Based Some of His Role on John Edwards

Ferrell, who famously spoofed George W. Bush as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," drew inspiration from a number of politicians for the film. In a recent interview, he revealed that John Edwards influenced his character's overall look.

"We're kind of so inundated with everything on all these politicians so I got to draw from a lot of different people," Ferrell told E!. "One guy physically that I loved was John Edwards, that's where I got the hairstyle from. I love the idea that someone would spend $900 on a haircut."

Galifianakis Created His Character Long Before He Signed On To the Film

While promoting the film, Galifianakis revealed that he ordinated his lovably dimwitted character years ago.

"I have been doing this character since high school but he was called the effeminate racist." He told EurWeb. "It was kind of a character I would perform for my dad and then through the years I just kind of did it at clubs here and there and then he got to be in a movie with Will Ferrell, so that's pretty exciting.

"Saturday Night Live" Alumni and Theater Veterans Round Out the Cast

The cast of "The Campaign" includes film veterans and rising comedy stars. John Lithgow and Dan Aykroyd star as corrupt CEO's who provide funding to crooked politicians. Jason Sudeikis is Brady's conniving campaign advisor while Brian Cox portrays Huggins' jaw-droppingly racist father.

President George W. Bush Will Have Trouble Opening a Door  

While Bush was president, one of his major TV blunders was failing to open a door after a press conference in China. Video of the 2005 incident has since become an internet sensation. In the film, Huggins struggles to open a door several times as the public looks on in embarrassment.

Jay Roach Also Directed "Game Change"

The film's director, Jay Roach, has directed such well-known comedies like "Austin Powers" and "Meet the Parents." Yet he's also tried his hand at serious political fare such as HBO's "Recount" and Game Change." Both films expose the use of unethical practices during election season.