The CW network is in the development stages of a new series, a reboot of “Alice in Wonderland.” The show, simply titled “Wunderland,” is the latest fantasy-inspired series in the CW lineup, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The modern-day rendition of Alice’s adventures in the psychedelic Wonderland has a script commissioned, but there is no air date yet scheduled.

This ideation of the nearly 150-year-old Lewis Carroll novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is about a female detective rather than a young girl. Living in present-day Los Angeles, Alice discovers an underground world beneath her own, write the Hollywood Reporter.

The new series will be written and executive produced by Chad Hodge ("Playboy Club"), McG ("Gossip Girl") and Peter Johnson, says Entertainment Weekly.

The show will join the “Beauty and the Beast” remake that premieres Oct 11. on The CW. The show’s premise isn’t far from that of the possible “Wunderland” series, with its own female protagonist described as a “a smart, no-nonsense homicide detective,” on the CW website.

There have also been reports from Deadline of a “Sleepy Hollow” series in development for The CW by Warner Bros. Pitched as “boundary-pushing horror story for television,” the series will be co-written by Patrick Macmanus and Grant Scharbo ("The Gates").

The final show on the fantasy lineup for The CW is a take on the Wonder Woman origin story, according to Vulture. The series with the potential title “Amazon” is being written by Allan Heinberg ("Grey's Anatomy," "The O.C.") about how Wonder Woman became the iconic heroine.

The series bears a resemblance to “Smallville,” which ran for a decade on The CW. The teen-drama was about the youth of Clark Kent (Superman).