"American Horror Story" has released yet another video for its upcoming second season. The viral buzz campaign happening on the FX drama's Facebook page have posted a sixth video for "Asylum," and just like the previous five it brings some major goose bumps.

The latest Facebook fan exclusive video is called "Glass Prison." It follows on the heels of the latest two teasers, "White Rose" and "Ascend."

"Once you've committed...There's no way out," the caption for the 10 second video teases.

"Glass Prison" shows a glass wall with a small rectangle opening. The opening initially had bars blocking it, but a pair of wild hands makes sure that it's removed. The "wild hands" in question look like they belong to a woman, but the face that briefly appears to resemble no such thing. With hair that looks very similar to that of Beetlejuice, the woman behind the glass prison appears to have a white face with black makeup running from her eyes.

White faces have made multiple appearances in the "American Horror Story" teasers. While a white face could not be seen in the first video, "Special Delivery," the white face made an appearance in the second video teaser, "Blue Coat."

"Don't try to escape. You're being watched," explains the caption for the haunting Facebook video of "Blue Coat." The video shows a nun dressed in white with a white painted face walking with a button up coat on a hanger. Initially starting off in an odd color and the screen moving as if being filmed by a second party, the nun continues walking to the wall of a white room. She places a blue coat on the wall and sits down in a chair while what looks like a nun in black prays in a little corridor. When the nun in white sits down, the blue coat's sleeves extend, evoking an image of the crucifix. The white nun turns to look at the new shape that her blue coat has taken on, and then turns and eyes the camera.

The white face skips the third video, "Hydrobath," but the face in "Glass Prison" looks very similar to the one found in "White Rose."

"White Rose" begins with the cameras circling a white rose. The rose eventually spirals out of control, revealing a woman on a white sheet in a white straight jacket. Making a horrific screaming sound, the woman appears to be in pain (probably mentally and physically) as something black runs from her eyes and down her cheeks. The caption for the video continues to tease fans of the upcoming horrors: "Roses are white, the violence is new, and here is the latest hint for you ..."

Although the women in "White Rose" and "Glass Prison" look similar because of the makeup and crazy behavior, they are definitely different patients in the asylum judging by the hair color.

The final white face that can be seen before the sixth teaser video is in the fifth video, "Ascend." "Ascend" shows a nun in white with a white painted face climbing a steep set of steps. As the nun continues up the stairs, something on the opposite side of the stairs starts making its way down. With an arched, possessed-like crawl, the "thing," presumed to be a female judging by the hanging long hair, continues eerily making its way down the stairs.

"American Horror Story" returns to FX for its second season this October. The second season will take place in an East Coast asylum for the criminally insane during 1964.

What do you think of the latest video, "Glass Prison."