FX's Emmy nominated series "American Horror Story" is prepping for a haunting second season, and they are finally treating fans to their first video sneak peak.

The video for "American Horror Story: Asylum was posted on Facebook on Friday, Aug. 17 as a fan exclusive for those using the social networking site. With church bells ringing in the background, the trailer shows a presumed nun walking in a field towards the woods carrying two buckets. It's what's in the buckets which make this trailer scary. Although difficult to make out, the buckets appear to be containing hands and other bloody body parts.

The nun in the trailer stops walking when she gets closer to the woods. She sets down her buckets, then picks one up and chucks the content behind her before picking up the remaining bucket and continuing on towards the trees. The woman's face remains hidden throughout the entire scene.

At only 19 seconds long, the video is a real quick and confusing sneak peak of what's to come.

Facebook fans of the show have already nailed the video with comments, some stating that it looked like a baby was tossed while others said that the buckets looked like they contained kittens. While many speculated about the contents of the bucket, one fan pointed out that that the name of the video, "Special Delivery," really follows the theory that a baby was inside the metal container the nun was carrying.

Before posting the video on Friday, the "American Horror Story" Facebook page posted another curious message the day before.

"A special delivery is coming exclusively for Facebook fans tomorrow. The first clue into 'American Horror Story: Asylum' is lurking. Get committed..."

The message has made many wonder if the series will be posting more "clues" about season two leading up to its mystery October premiere date.

To watch the video fror "American Horror Story's" season two "Special Delivery" click here.