Beetlejuice...Beetlejuice....Beetlejuice! Could the famous decomposing bio-exorcist be returning to the big screen? Original star Winona Ryder is on the case!

Rumors of a second round of "Beetlejuice," the 1988 film about a recently deceased couple trying to get their home back from the living, rose from the dead back in January.  Director Tim Burton had fans excited when he revealed that he would have no problems directing a sequel, but fans have been kept in the dark since making that announcement. Winona Ryder, who played goth teen Lydia in the film, is taking one for the team though, and going to bother Burton for an update. 

"I heard [about the sequel] from journalists," Ryder revealed to MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival. "That's how I found out, but I'm seeing Tim next week, and I will let you know." 

Ryder sounds like she is playing the innocent, uninformed card, but she did reveal a little more information at TIFF. 

"I'm trying to think about how that would work. Obviously I'm not the [the focal point]; it's got to be Michael [Keaton]," she explained to reporters. "So is it happening? It's being written, but is it happening? Tim hasn't confirmed it yet [officially]."

Back in January, Burton told reporters that he would love to revive the character and bring back Keaton. 

"I always think about how great and fun that character was," he revealed. "So I just said to ['Dark Shadows' writer] Seth Grahame-Smith, 'If you have some idea about it, go for it, and then I'll look at it freshly.'"

Grahame-Smith, who also worked with Burton on the summer 2012 film "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," took some time at this years Comic-Con to give a bit of an update on the film. The writer revealed that he's working on it when he can, but "just because we can make a 'Beetlejuice' doesn't mean we should."

For Grahame-Smith, the story needs to "feel right." 

"I would rather not make this movie then have to look fellow fans in the face and go, 'I f---ed up. Sorry," he told Collider. "It's just, 'Can I crack the story?'"

With fans hungrily waiting to hear some news on the script, Ryder better report back soon.